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I normally go to bed about 2-3AM and rise 7+/- hours later. Last night (Wednesday) I read a little (hysterical book - "We're Just Like You, Only Prettier" by Rivenbark) and turned out the light about 1:30AM. My Thursday gym session changed from noon to 9AM, so I knew I had to be up "early". This may have created some tension in my sleep ability.

Tossed and turned, which is not unusual. At 3AM I had two computers running updates, searches, whatever. More tossing and turning. At 5AM I had a bowl of cereal and milk which usually helps me sleep. By then, I was concerned that if I did fall asleep, I'd sleep through both alarms and my husband's departure for golf, missing my gym session (and be charged accordingly). Naturally tossing and turning continued. 

I finally gave up at 7:30AM, got up, ate breakfast, read the paper and went to the gym. I'm working with a trainer who knows what she's doing - I sometimes sweat (excuse me, glow in a womanly fashion). I chatted madly throughout the entire 45 minutes. 

I came home full of energy. Started projects on the computer, tidied up the place, vacuumed tile floors and the stairs (a major accomplishment). Son 1 called to say they were coming up for the afternoon. They arrived. I'm still awake. We went out for an errand. They all were tired (grandson is 3, daughter-in-law is in early pregnancy, son is always tired) so we all went to various beds. I tried napping with my grandson, but he wasn't quite nap-ready. He's like a dog, has to circle until it's just right. AFter 30 minutes of his circling over and around me, I left. Still awake. I tried again at 4:30PM as he was asleep. I think I dozed. At 5:10 my other daughter-in-law called to say they were coming over too. (2 year old granddaughter, 6 months pregnant daughter-in-law, and Son 2). 

I got up. Went to the store for provisions. I was alert, calm amidst the chaos and the hot dogs were delicious. They all left about 9:30PM. It is now 11:22PM and I am STILL AWAKE! I will try again at midnight. I now fear that when I do fall asleep, I will sleep into Saturday. Or Sunday. Somebody please knock on the Whine 'n Woeses and wake me up by Monday. Thank you. 

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Our grandson was here all last week. He and I got a lot done. The first night Aiden bumped his head on a tub faucet. Watching the bruise  change colors throughout the week was exciting! We found a great little cake shop that makes wonderful truffles. (M&Ms just aren't the same anymore.) We mailed my 'big' digital camera to Nikon for adjustment$. We bought "Holey Shoes" (Croc-like) for him and two of his cousins. We got everything on our list at HEB without buying a toy (OK, we got books). We went to the gym twice. We took a nap every afternoon. Aiden sat outside with the grown-ups during the neighborhood fireworks, while I watched from a window with our 2-year-old granddaughter, who doesn't like "loud". We stayed up late one night and watched "Arthur and the Incredibles". He got a haircut but kept a semblance of curls on top for his mom's benefit. We learned how to play "Old Maid" and "Concentration". And we got pulled over by a Sheriff for an expired inspection sticker while driving Grandpa's car.

I rarely drive Grandpa's sports car - just can't see out of it. But Thursday was Grandpa's turn to drive for golf, and I had an appointment at the gym. Spent 30 minutes+ getting the car seat out of the my car and into the little car (had to take the T-tops off to do it). Had a premonition that I would be pulled over because the car seat was in the front seat. Saw a Sheriff on the way to the gym going in the opposite direction. A block from the gym, at a stop sign, I see the twinkle of blue lights in my rear view mirror. The inspection sticker expired in January! January!!!! My husband drives this car almost every day. Did he get pulled over in the past 6 months?!? I assured the Sheriff a new sticker would be on the car before dark. He gave me a warning. I gave my husband a warning. There was a new sticker on the car before dark.

After Aiden left Saturday afternoon, I went to my other son's house and trimmed two overgrown trees. They went from large green sheep to leggy colts - one might be more giraffe than colt. Yesterday I drained and cleaned the spa, and put up a valance over the light fixtures in the upstairs front bathroom. Finally all bathrooms have been redecorated since we moved in 19 years ago - this one had the original 27-year old beige flowered wallpaper. We've had offers from The Smithsonian. Vacuumed the kitchen. Cleaned two bathrooms. 

Today our granddaughter was here for the afternoon. She'll be back Wednesday. We took a nap. We worked on puzzles. We watched Tad, Lily and Leap learn about math.  

Just got a phone call. Aiden will be here tomorrow afternoon.

I feel like a very productive grandmother.  It is a good feeling.

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I spent Tuesday trying to get home from Arkansas. Due to thunderstorms in Texas, we (me & 3 friends) were delayed leaving Fayetteville, missing our also delayed flight in Dallas, and finally arriving home 5-6 hours later than expected. More hours were spent on planes not flying, than flying. Also, no luggage. I saw our luggage get on the first flight so feel pretty sure it got to Dallas. It poured in Dallas while we sat at the gate, but we have not idea where our luggage was then. Since our flight out of Dallas left before we got there, our luggage had nowhere to go, of course. We're hoping it went to a nice, dry place, but doubt it. :/

In April I flew from Las Vegas to Dallas to connect home.  That time I was delayed in Dallas due to tornadoes in the area. Announcements in the airport included "move away from the windows and into the restrooms or interior restaurants".  The sky suddenly turned black - could not see the planes at the gates. Got the last Austin plane out that night. Did get luggage that time.

In August my husband and I are flying to Vancouver. I just checked; we go through Houston. Frankly I'd rather drive to Vancouver! 

To Travel is To Travail. 

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I'm having an amusing time trying to type my initial entry into my LJ. For the past few days, since I signed up for this, I've had brilliant phrases pass through my mind about what to put in here. Really stunning stuff. Right now, at the keyboard, nothing. I started ginkgo a few weeks ago. Obviously it's not working. However, I have been getting headaches so maybe it is going to the brain. The headaches are caused by the stress of the brain trying to restart. However, no headaches today. No brilliant thoughts either. 

But I will tell you about the shoe. It is Prada. Bought in 2004. Really a beautiful shoe. But, it has no sole. No sole. No soul. nada. The bottom of the shoe (really can't call it a sole, although I'm sure Prada does) is very thin, very fine leather. Walking on anything other than carpet (probably a red carpet) is painful. Every little thing stepped on is transmitted to the wearer's sole (and felt clear to the soul). A pebbled garden path - don't go there! Not quite what I had in mind. So I've worn them twice having found no one willing or able to carry me as needed.  On the bright side, I am thankful to have a good reason not to buy Prada. 

The day is over. Time to rest up for tomorrow's ginkgo. 
(very scary this LJ. went to the tags ? icon, tried to come back and there was nothing here. If LJ can't keep my thoughts, and I can't keep my thoughts; are there any thoughts at all? very scary.)   

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