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Flip side of "Question of the Day" - sueschus
Flip side of "Question of the Day"

I do detest dumb questions. I also find Tech Support support frustrating. My mother's computer developed problems. Her modem (dialup) would not work - no drivers. And the computer rebooted when she tried to turn it off. There is no known reason for these things to suddenly happen. There was a storm one night, but her computer was not turned on and no one else in the building seems to have a problem. And her phones work fine.

Sunday I went over to her place and tried a few incantations which did not do anything. Took it to Best Buy Geeks as she has a service plan (expires June 8). Discussed the problems with them. If the modem was bad it would be replaced under the service plan at no charge. If the drivers were the problem, that was 'software' and BB Geeks would charge $29 +/- to download and install the drivers. OK. So be it. Fix it.

Wednesday it's ready to be picked up. They installed the drivers at no charge. Wow. How nice.

Got it back to Mom's -- of course, it doesn't work. I checked connections. Bought a new phone cable. Tested the phone jack with a phone. Checked Device Manager - no problems. Can't get online. But can shut it off.

Called BB Geeks where I'd just been.

Oh. Well. We can't check a modem here only ethernet connections. We don't have a phone line to check dialup modems. 

So then someone needs to come here, right?

Well, we can't check it here so ahh yes. But you'll have to call the 800 number to set that up. 

Next call is to the 800 number. I wait on line. I connect to a human bean who puts me on hold while she looks up the file on the work that was just done. While on hold my phone kicks over to the BB Geeks number at the store (the number I dialed before the 800 number) but no one answers. After 17 minutes I hang up.

Other things to do today. So will try Geeks 800 Saturday again. Meanwhile, any of you have a theory on lack of modem connection? 

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