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We’ve lived here 22+ years and have never seen a rabbit. Then, Saturday evening we find a baby bunny in our yard. Is it The Easter Bunny? I remember seeing a jackrabbit maybe 20 years ago across the golf course. But only that once … we have coyotes and hawks.

The ears indicate this is probably a jackrabbit as opposed to a fluffy white Easter bunny (and its not white). And that would be more Texas.

So two things come to mind as to how it got here:

1 – there’s a magician with an empty hat wandering the neighborhood

2 – there’s a family of jackrabbits living under our deck

Will look for eggs and chocolate in the morning.
Happy Easter!


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As of 3AM Wednesday, we've had 10.2 inches of rain at our house since Tuesday morning. So far the 16-months old roof is only leaking in the garage. The golf is a lake - a golf cart beached on our deck. It is still pouring, and the radar screen is red and yellow for hours.

OK - I'm kidding about the golf cart.

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Costco has deals on the Canon T1i and the Nikon D5000. Both come with two lenses. Both are well rated. Priced within $100+/- of each other. 

I have a Canon G1 (currently for emergency use only or for the grandkids to use), a Nikon something or other (8 megapixels - currently on loan to one son) and a little pocket Sony something 200 (12 megapixels - currently on vacation in Maine with another son). I'll keep the Sony in my purse, and use the new one for Photography. I have Adobe CS4 installed on my computer, but not on my brain as yet. Problem with the Sony are indoor shots are very warm (yellow) which bugs me.

So, Photographers, which one do you like?
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One of the reasons we bought our home 20+ years ago was The Closets! Naturally, as closets do, they filled over time. The end of this month Son #2, his wife and two young children are moving in with us while their new house is being built (6-7 months). The two guest room closets need to be empty. In order to do that I had to empty the I-am-no-longer-that-size-nor-will-I-ever-be-again Closet of Favorite Sacred Clothes. And so today a friend's daughter-in-law arrived to see if anything fit - she's into vintage clothes. I hoped there would be at least one or two things that she liked and that fit her.

As she paraded out of the guest room with each try-on, my life flashed before my eyes. The Albert Nippon suit I wore to a son's wedding - beige perfect for the mother-of-the-groom but with touches of rhinestones, pearls and embroidery. The stunning little black French designer dress that gave me elegance and confidence many times. The palazzo pants (slit to just above the knees) with the matching shell and Eisenhower-style jacket - black and cream print. Loved it! Wore it to my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary party in 1994. The sleeveless shell, lined in silk, and beautifully embroidered with many colors in flame stitch - from The Oval Room at Dayton's in Minneapolis back in the late 60's. My great aunt's long, silk nightgown from the 20's - could be an evening gown today! Beautifully made clothes. She took 14 hangers (out of about 18) when she left hours later. She was thrilled, and I enjoyed giving her the history of each garment.

They're only clothes; I realize that. But they represented events, times in my life. I shall miss them. It's an odd feeling as lately I've felt the need to de-clutter and have given away a number of whatevers that strike me as "don't-need-its" as I open a closet or cupboard. Those didn't hit me as much as this afternoon's session with the clothes. But maybe that's why I could get rid of the little things - they haven't the meaning for me. (well, duh, sue!)

But I now have empty closets! However, I'll keep all my shoes - they take up less room.

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I'm thinking of getting a new computer - faster, bigger, better - everything I can get. I use my computer for video and photo editing with Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. New computer would come with Photoshop CS4.

Do I want a dedicated video card or an intergrated one? Intel X4500 or  nVidia 8800GT have been suggested. 

I'm told the new IGPs are better than earlier versions. But I want what will work the best. The new computer will have an Intel Q8200 Quad Core processor, 750Gb HD, 4Gb memory, 580W power supply and a Gigabyte P45 motherboard. That's today's version anyway.

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I do detest dumb questions. I also find Tech Support support frustrating. My mother's computer developed problems. Her modem (dialup) would not work - no drivers. And the computer rebooted when she tried to turn it off. There is no known reason for these things to suddenly happen. There was a storm one night, but her computer was not turned on and no one else in the building seems to have a problem. And her phones work fine.

Sunday I went over to her place and tried a few incantations which did not do anything. Took it to Best Buy Geeks as she has a service plan (expires June 8). Discussed the problems with them. If the modem was bad it would be replaced under the service plan at no charge. If the drivers were the problem, that was 'software' and BB Geeks would charge $29 +/- to download and install the drivers. OK. So be it. Fix it.

Wednesday it's ready to be picked up. They installed the drivers at no charge. Wow. How nice.

Got it back to Mom's -- of course, it doesn't work. I checked connections. Bought a new phone cable. Tested the phone jack with a phone. Checked Device Manager - no problems. Can't get online. But can shut it off.

Called BB Geeks where I'd just been.

Oh. Well. We can't check a modem here only ethernet connections. We don't have a phone line to check dialup modems. 

So then someone needs to come here, right?

Well, we can't check it here so ahh yes. But you'll have to call the 800 number to set that up. 

Next call is to the 800 number. I wait on line. I connect to a human bean who puts me on hold while she looks up the file on the work that was just done. While on hold my phone kicks over to the BB Geeks number at the store (the number I dialed before the 800 number) but no one answers. After 17 minutes I hang up.

Other things to do today. So will try Geeks 800 Saturday again. Meanwhile, any of you have a theory on lack of modem connection? 

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But I do. He was born September 24th at 7:11PM (sounds like a lucky time), weighing 7# 7oz. to my second son and his wife. Devin, his older sister (2-3/4) is very excited! Jack's mommy's sister is expecting a boy this coming Friday. His name will be Jake. So we have Jack and Jake, twins separated prior to birth. ;)

Jack is our second grandson and third grandchild.  Devin has been with us off and on for the past several weeks due to minor complications with Mommy's pregnancy. I think she'll go home tomorrow. Aiden, our oldest grandson, (almost 4) will come for a few days on Thursday. And Sunday I'm taking Devin to the ballet - "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - as she's very into dancing! 

Next week I rest. I hope.


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I saw "Evening" earlier today. Seems the "lesson" is that mistakes don't matter in the end. I disagree, thinking of murder and mayhem, but have concluded that the Oven Cleaner in the Microwave probably doesn't matter. ____ used it this morning for bacon. I did not partake, and ____ is still alive and well. 

Meanwhile, it is raining here ... again ... yet. We have had double our annual rainfall so far this year, I think. Here everyone, everything is soggy. I took my favorite drive today - winding road that crosses a creek seven times. You're sure you're in the middle of nowhere, but actually are right in the middle of the city. When it rains a lot the road is closed. The seven creek crossings do not have 'bridges' per se. The water can run under the road, but a lot of rain brings a gushing river over the pavement. Today the road was open, but 5 of the 7 crossings were under water. Both waterfalls were full, plus a few new places of moving water. In my big car it was no problem, but would have been very interesting in my sports car. 

On a bright note, my Harry Potter arrived today. My son, DIL, granddaughter, mother are all coming over tomorrow, so I will wait to start it until tomorrow night when they've gone. 

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Some days just seem so slow. Nothing seems to get done, but several little heres and theres do get completed. The washing. Buying stamps and mailing photos. Move this pile to there. Restack that pile. Plans for the evening get rained out. Seems a bother to go out to eat. So you start to plunk something in the microwave. We'll dine in moments. But, an odor greets you as you open the windowed door to the sacred chamber. 

"____, did you use oven cleaner on the microwave?"


The first thought is to throw the dinner, such as a microwaveable dinner is, at ______. Instead I calmly plopped it into a pan and cooked it on the cooktop. An hour or so of "What Not to Wear" distracts. But the thought - Why Would Anyone Use Oven Cleaner in A Microwave!!!??? - keeps burning on the mind.

The GE website clearly states "do not use oven cleaner in microwave" and that little tidbit is forwarded to ______. A phone call to GE, however, gets "It's probably alright. Just wipe it out with a damp cloth". HEY! I've done that. Still smells like oven cleaner. I've sent an email to GE also just to see if answers match. Why bother to say don't use oven cleaner if it's not a problem. And shouldn't it be a problem? Ovens cook with heat. Microwaves cook with waves (do not think of a "royal wave", totally different thing, I think).

Meanwhile I won't be using the microwave. And tomorrow I'm going to see "Evening" with my mother. 


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I have slept. Ready to see what the day brings. A Friday, the 13th day too.

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